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Resort-Like Living: Top Reasons Why People are Drawn to Tropical Places

A tropical climate and seaside, resort-like living within the city is no longer just a dream.
A tropical paradise in a fantasy-like lifestyle where you imagine yourself basking under the hot sun while enjoying the sea view with a cool drink in hand can be a dream worth turning into a reality for you. A tropical lifestyle is an easy get away from your hectic daily routine schedule. For many people, a tropical lifestyle within the city is everyone’s dream, but what makes it so tempting to certain buyers?

The Tropical Ambiance

The tropical climate never fails to exude a very relaxing and chill vibe. Its laid-back pace invites people to slow down and just simply enjoy the warm weather. According to certain studies, sunshine has a good effect on people’s health and well-being and is always relative to positive energy, which is probably one of the top reasons why people living in tropical areas have a happy and stress-free spirit.

The Warm Temperature

Most people who live in countries that experience cool harsh winters really love the temperature in tropical climate places. Tropical climate means that people only experience two seasons in their place: the wet and dry season. Moreover, the warm weather is constant, though there are times within the year when the heat is intense. Compared to wintry and freezing temperature without a hint of sunshine, it is no wonder that people love the sunny tropics.

Natural Resources

What we mean by natural resources are beaches, mountains, rain forests which are typically common in tropical areas and these are one of the best places to explore. Picture-perfect island beaches are also found in tropical areas.

Variety of Food Choices

Certain weather conditions encourage the growth of plants and animals native to a particular place, and countries with a tropical climate are not an exception. Some common fruits in tropical countries are mangoes, coconuts, pineapples, watermelons, bananas, papayas, cantaloupes and jackfruits. Most importantly, living near the sea also means having access to constant supply of fresh seafood. Amazing deal!

The Active Lifestyle

A tropical climate means no boredom; instead of just sitting around and watching TV inside the house, you will always find outdoor activities to enjoy. A nice and warm weather allow activities like zipline, camping, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling and white water rafting. There is much more to enjoy when you get out of the house like shopping, dining, strolling, watching movies or window-shopping to pass the time. Definitely, there is always something to do for everyone in a tropical climate country.

Tambuli Seaside Living by Tytans Properties and Development Inc.: Tropical Seaside Living at Its Finest

What better way to enjoy the sun and perfect sky in Tambuli’s very own tropical-inspired and seaside condo get away?
Located at Buyong, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Tambuli Seaside Living is an 11-hectare residential resort community.  It comes with unmatched access to the four-hectare amenity area for leisure and dining. With Tambuli, a vacation everyday is possible. It is a seaside condo-living within the city.
Your home at Tambuli is one of only a few hundred Studio, 1 Bedroom or 2 Bedroom Corner unit-configurations built with luxury of space in mind.
They all come with world-class finishes from the floor tiles, to the kitchen and bathroom fixtures—all standard upon turnover.
Tambuli Seaside living is the first of its kind that features a seaside living condo with real fine white sand, undulating waves, and fresh ambiance. Added touches include the modern Asia clubhouse, gym, kid’s playroom, viewing deck by the beach, fine dining restaurant, Asian and Native restaurant, mini waterfalls, as well as other luxury living amenities such as swimming pool with lagoon type bar, volleyball court, basketball court, tennis court, resort spa and golf carts. This amazing project of Tytans Properties and and Development Inc. really showcases world-class taste of seaside condo luxury living that you can experience every day.
Tower A and Tower B of Tambuli Seaside Living welcomes you middle of 2017. Towers C, D, E and F are on its pre-selling stage. Each structure boasts a breathtaking tropical modern place that provides natural ventilation, light and shade.
The sea can be yours and you don’t have to leave the city. Learn more about our “hassle free-worry free” CONDOTEL concept with an ROI of 8% to 19% per annum.  Find out more by visiting

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